Friday, August 24, 2007

Man v. Animal

I'm sorry- why is ANYONE doing a study on who is faster: T-Rex (as in a tyrannosaurus rex) is faster than David Beckham. WHO CARES? What? I mean - wouldn't a t-rex take one step and he would have outrun you already?
I would love to be a "scientist" and get funded like this. My studies are: "Are you more productive when you work or not?", "Do you feel better after a rager of a night out?" and "Does having more expensive bags make you a better person?"

In any event, here are the story highlights:
  • Tyrannosaurus rex would have been able to outrun most modern-day sportsmen
  • Velociraptor's speed: 24 mph, T-rex could muster speeds of up to 18 mph

  • Compsognathus could run nearly 40 mph

  • A top human sprinter can reach a speed of about 25 mph

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