Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too Well Dressed??

You've seen her. She's the one in line two customers in front of you at the grocery store wearing this season's Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, a matching pair of Manolos, carrying whatever "It" bag hasn't even hit the stores yet, and hair swept up without a strand out of place.

She's one of those women. All-too-perfect, all the time.Or maybe you haven't seen her because those women wouldn't even do their own grocery shopping anyway.

Either way, whether you've actually witnessed this type of woman, or she exists in your imagination, you're making fun of her, because these days, according to the Washington Post, prompted by the movie "Nanny Diaries," being too perfectly dressed is "seen as shorthand for self-absorption, vapidness and thoughtlessness."

What do you think? Is being perfectly polished something fearless, or now faux pas? You already know what I think.

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