Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Neiman Marcus: Fall "VIT"

Very Important Trends... let's see what is do-able and what isn't. The links should work, so you can go shop the trend direct. You can thank me later.

Gray - I love all shades of gray. This shouldn't be overally difficult.

Exotics - eh. I don't know if I could pull of wearing snake...alligator.

Booties - no. as if my calves weren't large enough, I should emphasize it by wearing "booties". Booties are for babies.

Knits - when was this out?

Wide-Legged Pants - too short...Alas, I love wide legged pants on others.

Sequins - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Now, I can look more normal with all the bling I love. :)

Sheath Dresses - Another YESSSSSSS.

Jacket with Sleeve Details - eh. I guess. (example shown)

Leather Jackets - I like them on other people. I wind up looking a bit costume.

Cuffs - any jewelry is good jewelry. (example shown... I am showing one with some serious bling).

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