Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Men v. Women: Comedy

In the newest issue of Reader's Digest, they focus on how men and women are "different." One article that struck a cord with me is how men and women have a different sense of humor and in particular the following things:

1. Women don't tell jokes, they tell stories - I think it's true! When is the last time we have tried to tell a joke and then it gets too long... and then the inevitable, "Oh, wait. I told it wrong. Hold on."

2. Women don't enjoy getting a laugh from picking apart other people's short-comings - Let me clarify. This means - they don't get a laugh from picking apart their friends (to the face that is). ex: Guys will greet each other with "Hey fatass, when is the last time you shaved?".

3. Women don't like crude humor - half and half I guess. I don't really like bathroom jokes or "jackass" type movies/shows...but some stuff is pretty funny!

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