Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How stuff works . Example Hangovers!

check out this website. its self explanitory. i like the one about what causes hangovers .

Beer: Beer has the lowest percentage of alcohol (4 to 6 percent), but it is also carbonated, which speeds up the absorption and can lead to toxin build-up.
Wine: Wine has a higher percentage of alcohol (7 to 15 percent) than beer, but it is usually not carbonated. White wine is safer than red or blush because it has fewer congeners. In general, the cheaper the wine, the higher the congener content and the worse the hangover.
Liquor: Liquor has the highest alcohol content (40 to 95 percent) and therefore increases the likelihood of a hangover. Clear liquors like vodka, rum and gin are better bets than dark or sweet liquors like bourbon, scotch or tequila because they have fewer congeners. Generally, cheaper liquor will result in a worse hangover than more expensive liquor.

After Drinking
Before Bed
Take two aspirin with a full glass of water - The prostaglandin inhibitors in the aspirin can decrease hangover severity.
In the Morning
Take two more aspirin with a full glass of water - This has been shown to minimize headaches as well as decrease inflammation from leftover prostaglandin.
Take another multivitamin - Replenishing C and B vitamins in particular can help get rid of the rest of the toxins.
Eat breakfast - A meal that includes eggs (for the cysteine), a banana (for the potassium), and fruit juice (for the fructose) or a sports drink (for the electrolytes, sugars and salts) can get the body on the road to recovery. Keep in mind that caffeinated coffee, tea and soda will further dehydrate a drinker.

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