Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SAT Average Scores Drop

Notably- I feel like this article tries to throw in that more people have than ever have taken the exam - and pinpoint that blacks and latino students taking it have risen!! Note: There is now a mandatory written portion - started with class of 2006 - so the "perfect" score is now 2400. How strange...

Average math and reading SAT scores fell four points for the high school class of 2007 to their lowest mark since 1999, according to a report released Tuesday by the College Board. Last spring's graduating seniors scored on average 502, out of a possible 800 points, on the critical reading section of the country's most popular college entrance exam, down from 503 for the class of 2006. Math scores fell three points from 518 to 515. (Avg. Score: 1017). The number of black students taking the SAT rose 6 percent, and the number of test-takers calling themselves "Other Hispanic, Latino or Latin American" (a group that does not include Puerto Ricans or Mexican Americans) rose more than 25 percent.

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