Monday, November 12, 2007

Does She Just Date EVERYONE?

Kate Hudson is apparently dating every guy in Hollywood these days. Anyways, after recently divorcing the ZZ Top look aike, dating Owen Wilson, leaving Dax Shephard (how did that even happen?), Kate was briefly linked to Dane Cook. However she quickly moved out of the douchebag zone and is now dating another actor, Heath Ledger. Page Six reports: "Thursday night she only had eyes for Heath Ledger. Spies at Beatrice Inn said they spent their evening at the trendy watering hole kissing and making out." Of course, reps for both parties have denied.


HLB said...

I love Kate Hudson- and I think Kate and Heath would make a good match. Their kids could even hang out!

danalynnj said...

How do they all just jump from one new person to the next so quickly?