Monday, November 12, 2007

Fine Dining... In the Dorm?

Little shout out to my little Duke girls! I suppose the only good thing about having mom at home is that she wakes up early and I'm forced to watch the "Today Show" instead of MTV. Anyways, they had a little bit about Bryan Zupon, a 21-year old student at Duke, who has earned himself a bit of infamy in Durham--and now the rest of the country--for the gourmet meals he cooks and serves in his dorm room as part of his underground dining club "Z Kitchen." Bryan was on Today this morning, showing off his skills and discussing his "passion for food, hospitality and wanting to serve people." He's never even taken a food class - he looks like a pro! Isn't he the cutest with his cooking and his mop top? Click to launch!

1 comment:

HLB said...

Cute! Love it. I wish I could go back to Duke now and have a hot breakfast date with him ;)