Thursday, November 1, 2007

Levitating Furniture!

I kind of want a levitating Buddha in my next house! Crealev, a Netherlands based company, has developed a way to "levitate an open platform with whatever you want on top to a significant height in a stable and resilient way." No word on how it works, but it's allegedly inexpensive (although I find that hard to believe) and requires little power (0.5-0.8 watts for the items in the video). They're taking custom orders now, but plan to have a line of products available in the future. Magic baby! That ass-clown Criss Angel doesn't have shit on this Crealev... maybe I'll order a magic carpet and ride around it all day!


noninedaywonder said...

who wouldn't want a livitating Buddha?

Dana Lynn said...

NO WAY! thats awesome! I want a levitating donut maker!