Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay, One Reason to Visit Starbucks

Okay....because there is not a Sexpresso in Miami, I was forced to go to Starbucks for my usual grande non-fat latte. Of course, I would prefer a Size B Porn Star at Sexpresso.

However, as I was looking over the "holiday" items, I realized there is one product that may keep Starbucks on top....Grandma's Turkey Sandwich. Totally worth every one of the 520 + calories (I think they "fabricate" some of the nutrition information) and consists of a Thanksgiving quality turkey breast, Bread Stuffing, and Cranberry Chutney, Mayo, a slice of lettuce and wheat bread. I am not kidding, this is fact, if I go home for Thanksgiving and my Mother sets this sandwich on my plate and nothing else, I will leave happy.

If you are brave.....check it out. Even split it with a lucky friend or co-worker. Trust me, amazing.

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