Monday, November 5, 2007

An Upscale Trip Advisor?

When getting ready for a trip, especially to a place I have never been to, I am immediately start calling and emailing friends to get advice and tips. What restaurants should I go to? How do I get around a city without looking like a tourist? Where can I shop to get the most out of my money? What sites should I see? And of course friends give great advice. But if I have no one - then, I always turn to Trip Advisor, just because I've had good experiences and pretty straight answers.

Anyways, enter in the Extravigator. They have created a forum for world travelers to share information, tips and experiences on "upscale" hotels, restaurants, etc... It's an independent forum with no biased opinion or product placement - just honest information (or so they say). You can search the forum by hotel, destination, shopping, arts & culture, spas and more to find exactly what you need. You can share too!

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