Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bikini Wax For An Eight Year Old? Isn't That A Bit Much?

In the wake of the recent tragic death of the West Boca High cheerleader getting breast implants, many bloggers and editorials alike are taking notice of this disturbing trend in young girls' "beautifying" themselves earlier and earlier. In the attached linked story, in the first thousand words of I just read: 1) An eight-year-old receives a bikini wax (do you even get hair that early??? and who cares??); 2) A ten-year-old gets microdermabrasion (do kids get zits?); and; 3) Numerous children under ten get highlights (don't kids just play in the sun and get natural highlights?).

This story- shockingly - was not from "Beverly Hills Times" or "Fifth Avenue Mag" - it's from Philadelphia magazine- a city that seems disarmingly normal and unmaterialistic relative to my current place of residence (or others for that matter). A city where you can see a cracked bell and eat a cheesesteak sandwich without thinking of the consequences. Tragic, what are your thoughts?

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