Monday, March 3, 2008

Homeless Chic...

I'm all for celebrities using their fame to bring attention to good causes. And I understand that Tyra's theme for Season 10 of America's Next Top Model is about giving something back. But, last night with the homeless photo shoot things were a bit over the top. Let me back up and explain what happened.

The weekly photo shoot for this episode featured the model contestants dressed down in "homeless" clothing (which it really wasn't, at all). Then they shot a scene with girls who were actually homeless dressed in couture clothing.The idea behind the photo shoot was a great one. And maybe what the camera showed us last night in a one hour episode isn't the whole story. But, in essence the girls who were truly homeless were used as props. Most of the models barely said a word to any of the homeless girls or tried to get to know them and their stories. This reminds me of Derek Zoolaner and "Derelicte"..MY BALLS.

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HLB said...

"Derelicte"- Its so hot right now, just like Hansel.