Monday, March 10, 2008

Can You Sue For Someone Calling You Fat?

Lisa Marie Presley had to reveal her pregnancy early because a British tabloid published photos of her last week and claimed her unhealthy diet was causing severe weight gain. But, I mean, seriously an offspring of Elvis gaining weight in their later years? Who would've thought? Anyway, Lisa Marie was of course pregnant unbeknownst to the The Daily Mail and is suing them for libel. The AP reports: "It really upset her," Presley's attorney Jo Paton told The Associated Press. "She was about to announce her pregnancy and was shocked and hurt by the unkind article about her appearance."Paton said Presley was seeking an apology and damages.The Daily Mail said the first indication they had of Presley's complaint was when they were served with court documents."We are investigating the matter," the newspaper said in a statement.

I don't think Lisa Marie Presley can really sue The Daily Mail for libel because they called her fat. I mean, I call Jennifer Love Hewitt fat all the time and she's yet to sue the pants off me. Power to the First Amendment, bitches.;_ylt=Apm8lYAmcro03vptWIEk2toE1vAI

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