Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need To Waste Some Time?

You seriously need to check out http://www.myspacedouchebags.com/ then. Granted "douche bag" is my word of the month, but this site is nonetheless genius and focus in on finding douche bags (for lack of a better description) on My Space.

Just as a preview, the blogger calls him the "Heavy Weight Douche Bag" and says, " White sunglasses, 3 bottles of vodka and a plastic belt you waited in line for at Toys-R-Us....all worn out to a club for WHAT REASON?????????? Because you are a DOUCHE FUCKING BAG!!!!!
Look at this fool. He's rocking a wrestling/boxing belt. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahaha. Holy shit even i get amazed everyday you guys submit these pictures. Just when i think there couldn't be anymore douche bags on the planet, i'm proved wrong EVERY day. The day i wake up and NOT have 200 photo emails is the day my job has been completed of ridding the world of douche bags like this."
Be careful- verrrry addictive. www.myspacedouchebags.com

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