Saturday, March 8, 2008


Move over Miss Manners, Lady Snark is arriving. In her upcoming book, "The Perfect Insult for Every Occasion," A.C. Kent, a k a "Lady Snark," reveals subtle put-downs ideal for acknowledging boorish social occasions. In thank-you notes, she suggests, "use cryptic words in these insincere expressions of [like], 'How splendid that your daughter could play the piano for us. Her recital was utterly cacophonous [unpleasant and harsh sounding].' " Another possibility: "What an interesting brunch that was. I find your wife a perfect lamia [a vampire-like female]."

This is hilarious, I must immediately get a copy for each of my friends and I, so that we can start using larger words to insult people to the face! hahaha... wait, that's mean. Never mind.

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