Monday, March 31, 2008

Preview Of Borat 2...

Well, technically not Borat 2, but Sacha Baron Cohen strikes again. This time, the alter ego of Borat and Ali G, in the guise of flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist Brüno, caused a minor scene in Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport while apparently filming his latest movie, tentatively titled Brüno.

Following Cohen's behavior with an accomplice (see video above), airport officials are said to be re-considering policies concerning permission to film inside the facility, the Associated Press reports.

But then, Cohen/Brüno is no stranger to repercussions. On his HBO show, Cohen barely escaped bodily harm when, as Brüno, he got some American surfers to moon the camera –before he announced he was from Austrian Gay TV.

Like the widescreen Borat, which proved a critical and commercial success, Brüno is expected to lampoon American social and sexual behavior through the eyes of an outsider.

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