Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Death of A Slip

In today's Wall Street Journal, Christina Binkley tells us that the slip is an endangered species and, further, that the demise of the slip heralds the Demise of Modesty. '"It seems that slips sort of went the same way that virginity went," says Karen Nelson, a 57-year-old expat American who recently moved to Uruguay. "What a slip says about its wearer today is 'fuddy duddy.'"'

I haven't worn a slip since I was in high school (for this amazing Ralph Lauren off white dress that was just gorgeous with these little blue flowers)... even though, it's been a while, I think that slips are so feminine and ladylike. Also, if slips looked like the one that Liz Taylor is wearing (and you had her stunning good looks), I would be first in line to buy and wear it around my house in heels with feathers and miniature martini glass in hand. Tres chic!

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