Friday, July 25, 2008

World's Biggest Cow?

The pictured cow's name is Chilli and he's described as a "gentle giant." His owners have contacted the Guinness Book of Records who are currently assessing his credentials and comparing them to other big boned bovines. The black and white Friesian bullock weighs well over a ton and at the same height as a small elephant and casts a shadow over his cattle companions who are about 5ft. Chilli the giant bullock stands at 6ft 6ins and weighs well over a ton and despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat.

Perhaps his title as world's largest cow will save him from his fate of being made into chili... ooh, ice cold.


HLB said...

Giant cow to the face! Watch out for his dung!

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