Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Match The Carpet and the Curtains

A pubic (yes, I said pubic) hair dye line called Betty Beauty is allegedly “boldly going where no color has gone before.” Nancy Jarecki created the south-of-the-border hair dye line so women can match the color of their tresses with the color of their "Betty." I've never heard anyone calling theikr nether region called a "Betty" - have you?

Anyways, the folks at Vogue, People, Vanity Fair and Oprah Magazine have all raved about Betty Beauty -so it MUST mean that it is in fact safe, trendy, and won’t rub off on you or your partner.


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betty said...

I love this product! It is definitely safe and gentle, as well as easy to use. My friends and I had a betty party and we each picked out a bright, fun color. It was a great surprise for my boyfriend!