Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maghound.Com: Does It Really Make Sense? is this new internet service like Netflix, but for magazine subscriptions. So, essentially, will allow its users to subscribe to any magazine they choose for one low price. The "best part" is that you can switch your subscriptions around anytime, for free. So, you can explore new magazines (ski mags in the winter, golf in the summer) and get the specialty issues of magazines you don’t ordinarily read (like Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition) at the subscription pricing.

However- there is always some lag time. Am I to expect that is going to be making real time changes? Or am I going to settle for stale news? And how much will it cost? costs about $5 a month for three magazines, $8 for five, $10 for seven and $1 for each additional. That's only about 10% of retail titles, including some weeklies, which are set to cost more.

I really only get three magazines: Lucky, Domino and Allure. And I can guarantee you that the collective subscription price of those magazines are waaaay less than $60 a year. I don't know if I can use this service, just because I like all of the magazines I subscribe to and I would guess that the majority of people do also.

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