Monday, August 20, 2007

For the Love of Art: Get Naked at The Sagamore!

For the Love of Art: Get Naked at The Sagamore!

Brugge4big_5 Attention art lovers, exhibitionists and nudists! The Sagamore just announced that they're hosting the first SoFlo art installation by artist Spencer Tunick, who is best known wordwide for his elaborately posted still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings. On October 8th, Tunick will use the hotel as the backdrop to multiple nude formations consisting of, get this, Miami locals and tourists. That's right, you too can strip down to your bare assets all in the name of art. There's nothing indecent about this exposure! Tunick's photos and videos taken that day will be shwon at the Sagamore during Art Basel. The installation will be recognized by major museums and art collections around the world. Locals and visitors who want to pose for Tunick can sign up to participate at

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Viki said...

are you serious. I want to go to see who actually does this. this is crazyyyy