Thursday, August 16, 2007

My CLT Dedications...

Original SoupMan

New Yorkers know it as Soup Kitchen International, a soup restaurant that served up to 50 specialty soups, as well as bread, fruit and a piece of chocolate.Then the world came to know the owner as The Soup Nazi, parodied on a landmark episode of "Seinfeld". Now, residents of Charlotte get to benefit from Al Yaganeh's mastery with a soup kettle, when the area's first The Original Soup Man debuts this month.T he menu changes daily but can include lobster, crab, Yankee bean, black bean, sausage, vegetarian, and a variety of barley soups, gumbos, and goulashes. Located in Uptown, the restaurant will also feature salads and sandwiches. 214 N. Tryon, in Hearst Tower. 866.930.7687.

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