Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The New Bachelor...starting September 24!

The Bio Highlights
Name: Brad Womack
Age: 34
Occupation: Co-owns 4 "lucrative" bars with two brothers and looking into develop a hotel.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Currently resides: Texas

Background: Brad had an early plan to make his mark on the world and, at 19, left Texas State University (known then as Southwest Texas State) after one year of college to work in oil fields across the country to save up money. His eight-year odyssey took him all over Texas and then to Louisiana, North Dakota and California. After working diligently in the oil fields, he got into bartending with his twin brother, Chad. After some eight months tending bar, he had enough money saved to finance the purchase of his first drinking establishment with his brothers in 2001, when he was just 28. Since then, their very successful business has exploded to where they've purchased a bar a year.

ABC's "hearwarming" fact: Growing up in a single-parent home, his challenging days as a youngster helped to instill in him a good work ethic, the importance of a stable family and the ability to be a good provider. Not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is appreciative of what he has accomplished on his own.

MY TAKE: College dropout that couldn't even get into a decent enough school to keep its name; "Challenging days...Not born with a silver spoon" is a euphemism for "I grew up in an abusive white trash home and was definitely beaten"; What it boils down to is he's a 30 something bartender.

And what does working in the oil fields have to do with ANYTHING? It really begs the question- does he now own the oil fields too? They act like traveling around the country working the fields in middle America makes him more worldly... what is that? Hideous.

On a brigher note, he looks ok and may have a personality.

In any event, this marks the 11th season of the "Bachelor/Bachelorette"... this series should probably just die. I mean the quality of people is seriously deteriorating.

For the full info: http://abc.go.com/primetime/bachelor/index?pn=newbachelor

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