Thursday, August 16, 2007

The New Black Cards...

The Black Card

Although the exact figure is undisclosed, reports estimate that there are upwards of 17,000 black cards - actually made of titanium - currently in circulation.
And plenty more people want one. Consumers with a minimum net worth of $5 million and annual income of $200,000 rated the American Express Centurion the most prestigious credit card according to a recent survey by New York-based Luxury Institute.
And plenty more people want one.
But to qualify for the Centurion card, which launched in 1999, you must charge at least $250,000 a year. Then there's a $5,000 initiation fee and an annual fee of $2,500. On the plus side, there's no Annual Percentage Rate, since cardholders are generally required to pay off their balance each month.
Although the Centurion's costs are high, the perks are equally impressive. After all, if you're going to spend this much money you'll probably need some help. To wit: Cardholders are each assigned their own personal concierges who will make reservations, plan events or score sold out concert tickets.
Private shopping services afford exclusive access at top fashion houses. A call ahead to Tiffany will ensure you'll be greeted with a personal assistant wielding champagne and invited to try on the most coveted baubles from the back of the vault.
Centurion cardholders also receive invitations to "once-in-a-lifetime" events such as a round of golf with Tiger Woods at Oakmont days before the US Open, or a Zero-G flight with Buzz Aldrin, the costs of which vary.
Special requests are also fulfilled. One cardholder had a pint-sized Bentley created for his five-year-old son to match his own.

For the other Cards trying to steal market share... see the link for more information below...

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