Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Diamonds For Peanuts...Made From Peanuts?

Diamonds are expensive because they're rare -- or at least that's what the diamond industry wants us to think. But the truth about diamonds is that they're extremely common, and they're also made from a very ordinary substance: coal.

A team of scientists in Scotland is doing its part to muck up the diamond economy. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are developing laboratory processes that replicate the atmospheric pressure that converts coal into diamonds. The hope is that with a laboratory-controlled process "large gem-quality diamonds... [could be made] artificially" from all sorts of carbon-based materials, including peanut butter!

The PB bling is made by squeezing the spread between the tips of two diamonds, resulting in something called the "stiletto heel effect". Given the dirty dealings and unethical practices of the diamond trade, I'm pleased to hear that the days of the status quo are numbered. Just the same I doubt many women will forgo the "Diamond is Forever" mentality for a rock made in a lab from jar of Skippy. What do you think? Would you be happy wearing a diamond made from peanut butter?

REMINDER: Remember the post re: Heidi (from the Hills) ring, that was made from "lab diamonds".

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