Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Pope Wears Prada Too

Pope Benedict XVI has been labeled by some as the most "fashionable" pope... he frequently rides in the Popemobile with his little red Pradas and Gucci sunglasses. However, who knew that he wanted to impart this gift upon others? The Pope recently shared his love of fine Italian shoes with the homeless in Minneapolis. After giving Vatican representatives a tour of Sharing and Caring Hands, a homeless mission, the nonprofit received two large boxes containing several dozen pairs of handmade Italian shoes from the Pope. Mission director Jo Copeland described the papal charity as "Just grand! This is just the best gift. That Pope Benedict, wherever you are, God bless you!"

What??? Is Jo Copeland on crack? Is she afraid she'll go to hell if she insults the gift? Do the shoes bake cookies? I would write, "Dear Pope, Instead of dozens of handmade Italian shoes, how about FOOD?" This is just ridiculous.

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Beth the Blogger said...

That is too weird...