Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vacationing in Bestyville

Growing up, I loooooveed Besty Johnson - her clothes were so funky, she had pink hair and she would cartwheel around. While I don't like her stuff as much anymore (it has gotten kind of weird), I would love to vacation in her crazy house in the Mexican Riviera with 7 of my best friends... have tea in the pink room, enjoy margaritas at her tiki bar...

We could make it a girl's party weekend as Betseyville sleeps 8 guests, up to 10 if we squeeze. The grounds have 5 palapa buildings, 2 pools, 2 garden areas, a large tanning area, and private parking. We would be treated like the celebrities we are with our own gated private villa, live in caretaker and security... just in case you are like me and can't pry yourself away from modern technology, Betseyville has a DVD/ TV in each bedroom, a SkyTv in the lounge area, wireless internet, and telephone. Yesssssssss!! Low season starts at $5500/week...but we're on the beach!

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beth the Blogger said...

So she's not the one who sewed us a flag. hyuk hyuk