Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Business On Top and Party On The Bottom

The real question is who doesn't need this Business "Bib" Suit? What is a business bib suit you say? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's a short bib suit that you can throw on when there’s a business video conferencing call to be had. This is only, of course, if you work from home AND you’re the laziest person in the world. If you answered yes to the above, then this glorified suit dickie is for you.

You may be asking, is this a real item? I want to answer with a resounding YES. The "Business Bib's" motto is, "Nothing speaks to freedom louder than a halfsuit." And searching through the website reveals that they are SOLD OUT. This just can't be serious, it's honestly the mullet of business suits.

And it gets better!!! Once you choose the bib for you, there are HILARIOUS descriptions within them. I chose, "Preston Lowry," which meant (now this is verbatim), "You’re a stuntman… at least in the corporate realm. Every day, you defeat the odds while they are ‘leaping’ off agendas, ‘crashing’ on Egyptian cotton, ‘plowing’ through two western omelets at the egg bar. You crave the thrills and the danger creates a high. Let the Preston Lowry help you come down in style."

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