Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dubai Has Too Much Cash

This is unreal... when U.S. if facing foreclosure at all time high rates, there is yet another amazing construction project that has been launched for Dubai - The "Dynamic Tower of Dubai". The $700 million project is an 80-story building where each floor rotates so that everyone gets a 360-degree view (the full rotation takes between one and three hours). The tower will have 10 full floor apartments in which the owner can control the rotation. The rest of the floors will include a luxury hotel.

The structure is going to have a fluid look, sometimes stacked all together and sometimes looking like a set of children's blocks. The apartments will start around $3,000 per square foot!!! Each floor will be prefabricated in a factory in Italy, shipped to the site and then attached to the core. Fisher says that this could mean floors could go up as quickly as one every seven days and plans a 2010 completion date. He sees this type of prefabrication as the way of the future. The building will also have wind turbines between each floor to provide energy.

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