Monday, June 23, 2008

Have You Participated in Financial Infidelity?

Meet Tara Padua Wise. Tara shops at the same store twice a week, throws away receipts, refuses bags, cuts off tags when her husband isn't looking and pretends that everything she owns, her husband already knew about. She likes to shop, hates to budget, and doesn't think it's the biggest deal that she lies to her husband about her shopping habits. One time, he came home with two sweaters and a pair of shoes for himself, so she flew to Montreal and spent more money than she's willing to admit out of revenge. Are they a divorce waiting to happen?

I would guess that anyone who spends that much energy lying about a new shirt (even if they can afford it) and admits that she doesn't even recall most of her lies has bigger problems than a little shopping habit, but that's just me. To be truthful, I could see myself "hiding" the occasional purchase. In fact, I do that already...but I'd like to say I'm not THAT extreme. However, if that husband of mine wants to buy his Royal Oak Offshore, you better believe I'm getting a Birkin.

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HLB said...

There are a few "hidden" purchases in my closet and a few shirts that are from "forever 21" that actually aren't. Some things are better left unsaid ;)