Monday, June 16, 2008


In getting ready for my upcoming bridal party duties, I've been keeping a sharp eye out for lingerie. Anyways, Victoria's Secret has a "bridal" line now - you know all white stuff with sparkly stuff on the ass that says, "Just Married"... or tanks with rhinestones with "My Fiance Is Cheesier Than Yours." (ok, not really, but that's how I feel about it). Anyways, they have some cute stuff though (the corset/garter sets are undeniably cute), which always gets me back in the store.

However, the recent sighting of the this "HINT HINT" underwear with a graphic of an engagement ring is flat out STUPID and may just prevent me from setting foot into Victoria's Secret again for fear of getting stupider. However, if you're actually buying these, then you're probably dating a guy who only listens to you when you're talking out of your ass. In which case, you deserve each other. Mazel!

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