Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Want A Pet? How About A Pet Boy?

Pet boys are real guys that put themselves up for "adoption" by South Korean women. It's basically for chicks that want a boyfriend that they can shit on all the time. Pet Boys, who are often college kids in their 20's, find "Being someone's pet is stress free job with no financial burden at all."

The idea came from a Japanese anime story that was popular about 5 years ago. It was about a business woman who always had bad luck in relationships. One day, she decided to take home a young man off the street to live with her as her pet.

Huh? was my first though. But, apparently Pet Boy services are popping up around Korea, and recently a TV show had over 2,200 applicants after advertising Pet Boy positions. This makes no sense whatsoever. All I can gather is that these girls just want a boyfriend they can lock in the closet and treat however they want, and the guys all hope to eventually get some. What's the cost? I'm just not really getting it.

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