Monday, June 16, 2008

Normal or Psychotic Reaction: You Decide

When a one-night-stand failed to call her again, Kristina Caban decided to take things into her own hands and lure him, years later, to a cheap motel room so she and her boyfriend could tie him down and brand his flesh with the letter "R." Samir "Sammy" Sara was enticed to a Chelsea hotel room by Caban with the promise of some midday nookie, the Associated Press reports, instead, Sara was met by Caban's boyfriend, Robert Testagrossa, and another as-yet-at-large thug, who tasered him, held him down and branded him with a heated metal wire in the shape of an R. Caban plead guilty and was sentenced on Friday to five years in prison. Testagrossa also got five years. The New York State Supreme Court Justice who sentenced Testagrossa and Caban called the crime "not remotely justifiable."


Dana Lynn said...

So I wonder what the R stands for?

Moleman said...

The "R" stands for "Revenge."

Or maybe "Return" -- as in "Why didn't you return my repeated phone calls?" or "Now maybe next time you'll return a psychotic woman's phone calls."