Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Employee Accused of Poisoning Boss's Coffee...

An employee at an electronics manufacturing company in Memphis, Tennessee, was arrested last week after he allegedly tried to taint a morning cup of coffee with an industrial paint thinner, MyFoxMemphis.com reported.

Police told MyFoxMemphis.com that Tommy Chiu, a worker at Sharp Manufacturing, was having a difficult time at work and wanted revenge on his supervisor, Debra Rose.

Rose told police that she had placed the coffee on her desk and walked out of her office. When she returned after forgetting something, she saw Chiu holding a baster-like object over her coffee mug. The baster was believed to contain xylene, a substance found in paint thinner and airplane fuel.

The coffee was sent to a lab for analysis, Lt. Joe Scott told MyFoxMemphis.com. Chiu was charged with first-degree attempted murder.

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