Friday, September 7, 2007

Most Expensive Blocks of Real Estate

Kind of disappointing that Miami wasn't even close... but on the bright side, if a guy says he lives in ANY of these neighborhoods/streets- you're probably a go.

1. Boston - Louisburg Square. A private square in the middle of Beacon Hill -- Boston's most exclusive neighborhood -- this block has long been home to the most expensive homes in the city.

2. Chicago - Between Willow, Howe, Burling and Orchard. Not exactly along the Gold Coast or part of old Chicago, as it's normally defined, this block was once a sleepy enclave of modest-sized Victorian houses.
3. NY - Between Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, 70th Street and 69th StreetThe Upper East Side ZIP code is the most expensive in Manhattan, so it makes sense it should contain the city's most expensive block. This particular one is directly on Central Park next door to the Frick Collection.

4. Dallas - Turtle Creek Boulevard, south of Lovers Lane. The most expensive block is north in University Park on Turtle Creek Boulevard, south of Lovers Lane, where the values are slightly higher than Beverly Drive, something local brokers credit to the larger lots.

5. Houston - Willowick Road and Knollwood Street, South of the River Oaks Country ClubBased on our calculations, the section of Willowick and Knollwood on the River Oaks Country Club had the most valuable properties, but multiple local brokers insisted the small diagonal stretch of Lazy Lane between Inwood and Kirby had the most expensive houses.

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Beth the Blogger said...

You won't find any hot cowboy types in any of these places. Try Cameron, S.C. (Hardy Boyz territory) woo hoo!!!!