Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Amelia Earhart: Part Two

Call me naive, I didn't think someone could get lost with a big white plane in the middle of the desert... I love how billionaire Richard Branson calls him a "tough old boot". I don't know why though.

Adventurer Steve Fossett, 63, seen here in 2005, took off on a flight in western Nevada Monday morning and didn't return as scheduled that night. He has broken several aviation and sailing records in his life. Relatives and admirers of millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett are hoping his grit and experience will serve him well as rescuers search for his small plane in rugged mountains, sagebrush-filled desert and steep ravines.

"Steve is a tough old boot. I suspect he is waiting by his plane right now for someone to pick him up," said Sir Richard Branson, the U.K. billionaire who has helped finance many of Fossett's adventures. "Based on his track record, I feel confident we'll get some good news soon."

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beth the Blogger said...

I'm sure there are plenty of Will watchers who aren't hoping for as happy an ending. I know that's a negative way of thinking but people disappoint me in general.