Thursday, September 6, 2007

New iPods!

Yes! I want a new one! I think I'm going to get new Mini/Nano to run with...

iPhone: Apple also chopped the price of its biggest and best-selling 8-gigabyte iPhone model from $599 to $399, barely two months after it started selling them. The smaller 4GB phone, which had sold for $399, will be discontinued.

Nano: The most noticeably different change is to the Nano. The new model is significantly smaller and thinner than previous versions. Nevertheless, it comes with a larger 2.5-inch screen that can display video and starts at $149 for a 4GB version.

iTouch: It was the new iPod Touch, however, that stole the show at an Apple media and analyst event here. Touch is almost identical to the iPhone, except it lacks cell phone capabilities. It does come with Wi-Fi wireless Internet capabilities, however, a Web browser and direct connections to a new Wi-Fi iTunes music store. Thanks to a partnership between Apple and the Starbucks coffee chain, the phone will let users automatically download songs that are playing at Starbucks stores within Wi-Fi range. The new iPod Touch will be available later this month and sell for $299 for the 8GB model and $399 for the 16GB model.

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beth the Blogger said...

I got one. Woo hoo. It causes my family to be humiliated though. I tend to dance in public when my favorties come on and, well, I uploaded all my favorites. :)