Friday, October 26, 2007

AK-47 Hello Kitty

Let me make one thing clear: I am against weapons. I won't look at or touch the things ... unless they are Hello Kitty (or I'm at the local gun range - helll year!). Anyways, I saw this wonderful little piece and I just had to have it (for what reason I do not know... or maybe it's because I loooove Hello Kitty). This "adorable" assault rifle will only set you back a mere $1,072.95! What a bargain!!!!!

Of course, if you aren't a Hello Kitty fan there are plenty of options you for you in adorable weaponry like: a My Little Pony carbine, a Care Bears bullet proof vest, Paris Hilton handcuffs, or Martha Stewart mine. Harming others has never been so fun or fashionable. I actually think the website that this gun is sold ( is just a joke, as I tried to order myself the rifle and I was directed to a book on I suppose I will have to direct my violent tendencies back to my words instead of weapons.

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