Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was watching "Whose Wedding Is It Anyways", and those wedding planners always have kits to "save the day". Well, how about "normal" every day "She"-mergencies?
I have them all the time -- bra strap snap, chipped nail polish (no, not really), bad hair day (again, not really...hahah) and the unexpected "Aunt Flow" visit. I am sorry but I just don't go to the store thinking about the run in my black opaque tights or spinach between my teeth after that lunch meeting.

Luckily, the Shemergency Kit comes with everything I'll ever need and it's only $20. leave it in your purse of the office and fuggehtabouit. Here is what it's got:

Hairmergencies: Folding Hair Brush with Mirror, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics

Jewelry Hijinks: Earring Backs (I use pencil erasers or gum)

Hand Help: Hand Lotion, Nail Clipper, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, and Nail Polish Remover

Clothing Catastrophe: Mending Kit, Safety Pin, and Double-Sided Tape

Dirty Disaster: Lint Remover, Shoe Shine Wipes, Stain Remover, Static Remover

Mouth Mess: Breath Freshener, Lip Balm, Dental Floss

Pain Problem: Pain Reliever, Adhesive Bandages

And the rest: Deodorant Wipes, Tampon, Facial Tissues

Throw in an underwear and it's the perfect unexpected overnight kit... did I say that? Heh.

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