Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Celebrity" Apprentices Revealed..

The whole concept of having (F-List) "Celebrities" on the Apprentice sounds like a show concept for Vh1...but apparently it's not. Amongst the candidates to be Donald Trump's "Apprentice" are:

1. Omarosa - offensive. She's not a celebrity and she's been on this show already. You're not it. GET OFF.

2. Stephen Baldwin - Has it really come to this? Remember when the Baldwin brothers were "hot"? What happened?

3. John Cena - Hasn't he had one too many concussions from wrestling? Is this really a good idea? I suppose NBC isn't that retarded - viewers aren't going to watch this show for Stephen.

4. Lennox Lewis - see above.

5. Gene Simmons - The "KISS" guy? He's just bouncing off one reality show to another. I guess he sees that it's working for the OZ and Hulk Hogan...

6. Tito Ortiz - who?

7. Carol Alt - old time "Cover Girl" model. She has to be Christy Brinkley's age too... Carol, has it come to this already? She's dating a man 13 years her junior, perhaps it's time for mommy to bring home the bacon as well.

8. Vinny Pastore - I guess he's been typecast as an Italian mobster and can't find work otherwise. A shame, because I do like him.
Can someone say trainwreck...chooo choooo...

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