Monday, October 29, 2007

It Was the Breast of Times...and the Worst of Times

One of the things I "cringe" at are women out in the public and just breast feeding. Breast feeding in the mall, breast feeding in the park...just women whipping their boob out and the baby running to suckle. AH. It just stresses me out. Anyways, the focal point of this post is not public breast feeding, but rather a study that says that breast feeding does not increase sagging!
Unfortunately, pregnancy does (why would you be breast feeding if you weren't pregnant? WTF study is this??!?), cigarette smoking, age, larger pre-pregnancy cup size and more kids will cause major sagging.

Now really- does that picture make you uncomfortable or not?

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HLB said...

Super gross picture of breast feeding! I'm definitely a hater.