Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Ass? Smart Children

Science is telling us that women with "hourglass figures" aka - large asses - tend to conceive smarter children. THANK GOD! There is finally one positive to me having this...uh, rather round bottom. Maybe that's why model/actor children are so into drugs... they all have skinny moms. It ALL makes sense now. Anyways, it is something about how a kind of fluid is released or stored better by "curvy" women, or more specifically those with a small waist to hip ratio. Can you imagine the MENSA geniuses that Kim Kardashian, J. Lo or Serena Williams will have? I'm ready to see a cure for cancer!


Dana Lynn said...

OMG!! That is AWESOME news for my kids! My kids are going to be like the smartest kids EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

I've got a lot going for me... because I'm Asian too. hahah