Sunday, October 28, 2007

Patricia Field and Payless

Designers/Stylists/Actors designing cheap lines are cropping up like bad reality shoes... In my opinion, it all started with Issac Mizrahi and his clothing line for Target... now every actress has a clothing/accessory line (Ashey and Mary Kate Olsen, Hilary Duff, Nikki Hilton), every rap star and TV personality (Marth Stewart, Rachel Ray)... and now you can add Patricia Field and Payless shoes.

Ms. Field caused quite a stir by wearing her Payless shoes onto the red carpet at the Oscars this year. This holiday season her "red carpet" shoes will be available to purchase at Payless stores. Pictured are her platform heels with an ankle strap and are made with an green metallic snakeskin patterned material.

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