Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bosom Buddies

Cute, right? Don't be fooled... it's a BOOB.

Why are those japanese people so crazy? Honestly. They now have a set of stuffed beanie toys that are not just shaped like a silicone boob- but they are BOOBS. But it's gets better... they have personalities... The characters include: Funwari Milk-chan who loves collagen and taking naps, Peach Milk-chan who hates spiders, Can Milk-san who is a celebrity entertainer with an American boyfriend, and Milko-chan who just had a baby. Awww...How sweet! I can't even stand it- why do the stuffed boob toys have MILK in their name?!?! This is beyond me. And please don't miss the boob with a "pierced" nipple. I can't deal.

ps- they have "mini" versions that you can use as keychains. The "big" ones posted above are 8 inches in diameter. Yes. 8 inches. It's a big ass ZZZ size boob.


Dana Lynn said...

Wow, they have some really well though out back stories. Impressive. I'll take 3

Dana Lynn said...

Oh.. and a Shenis please