Monday, October 15, 2007

Costume or Not?

Everyone knows I love the game "Costume or Not"... so, it's only natural for me to pick up on companies that play off costumes as "real" clothes. However, American Apparel is being straight up ABSURD. They literally have these leggings on their website right now... these ugly ass joker ass two-tone stockings. The color choices couldn't be worse either: "puple and forest", "teal and ASSphalt", "black and creme" and my personal favorite neon yellow and flourescent orange... not even if I wanted to dress up like a highlighter would I buy these $16.00 leggings.

What else do they have... another COSTUME! These gold shing ass lame legging... I'm over it.
No links... because if you want to buy these, we shouldn't be friends at all. EVER.

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