Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rapper TI - Busted- Breaking News

An insider source broke the news to me! Thought I was privy to this breaking news before the Media but seems I am a day late.

Anyway, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) arrested rapper T.I. in Atlanta today on multiple weapons charges, after they say he had a bodyguard try to buy machine guns and silencers for him.

According to the Feds, T.I,, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was busted after they learned one of his bodyguards was allegedly trying to purchase machine guns for the musician. Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for T.I. in the past and about 17 firearms for other people in the musician's posse on previous occasions. The bodyguard claims the rapper gave him cash to purchase the guns, because T.I., as a convicted felon, was not able to legally buy firearms. The bodyguard was arrested last week trying to buy several guns. After his arrest, the bodyguard agreed to cooperate with authorities -- that cooperation led to today's arrest.

King of the South, T.I., won two BET Awards on Saturday night. Unfortunately for him, his triumph was tainted by the fact that he was arrested earlier that day.

The rapper illegally attempted to buy machine guns - paying for them with cash and without registering for them, as mandated by the law.

T.I. got caught by the feds just hours before the BET Awards.

His home has been searched and his record label has no comment on the arrest.

Seriously, why do these celebrities put themselves in these situations. Its not like their not going to be recognized.
I think they should have a new realty show with Paris, TI, P-Diddy, R-Kelly, Michael Jackson and all the others that have had their share of run ins with the law, filmed in jail trying to survive!

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beth the Blogger said...

The bigger question is why can't these people enjoy their millions and stay the hell out of trouble?