Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do It Yourself Costumes

As a dedication to one of my best friends, R.H., who has dressed up as "carbs", "sperm" and a "flasher"... I would like to submit the 2008 pop culture "do-it- yourself" costumes. Not to mention a ticket to Vizcaya isn't so cheap...

1. Miss South Carolina - Just get all decked out in an evening gown and find yourself a tiara and a piece of ribbon to make your sash. If you can’t find a square globe, or maps in Iraq... we need more maps.

2. "Dick in a Box" - I don't think I need to say more.

3. Couple Costume: Amy Winehouse and crazy druggy husband (I don't even know his name). I'll be Amy Winehouse "before"... hahah... crack is a crazy kind of drug.

4. Michael Vick - of course, on the offensive side... but you and perhaps some whips and a little stuffed dog. I know someone will be doing it...

What do you think?

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