Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ultimate Fashion Whore

I've been accused of being a label whore... but truth be told, now that I'm "on my own", I've had to "scale back." Now, if we really love something, we try not to think about the label. But we'd be lying if we didn't admit that a certain dress in our closet made its way thanks to the name sewn into its lining (ex: Did Viki really need that skin tight Versace white pant suit? Did I really need this way too floral D&G overall... slightly exaggerated :) or not.)

There is no feeling like trying on shoes at Neiman and slipping off your Manolos to try on some Gucci... sigh. Anyways, the artists at Volkware, which translates into "people's product," pose a simiar question with their new coat, which is part art and part outerwear.

The asking price for their "most expensive coat in the world" is $1.5 million. No idea if the labels are realn or just reproductions of Versace, Pierre Cardin, Prada etc... Silke Wawro, Volksware's founder, says that his projects are meant to explore consumerism and the subjective values placed on products -- which we think the coat does exceptionally well. He also mentions an "emotional bond" that he believes consumers build with those products.

Do you have an "emotional bond" with your favorite labels?


Enchantress said...

I'm not loving the coat. But it is a novel concept though. Do you remember years ago Lizzy Gardiner wore a dress made out of gold Amex cards? I thought that was pretty interesting.

Lorraine said...

I totally remember that... but why is this 1.5 million? They can't even confirm that the labels are real...